United Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people centering life together around Jesus Christ because he is God's good news for all people.


We are not perfect (far from it), but we believe it when the bible tells us that through our believing loyalty to Jesus, God fills us with his new life so that we can live the way of Christ.

So whether you are a stranger, a friend, or part of our family, we invite you to join us as we learn what God has to tell us through the bible, sharing life together, gathering to worship God, and preparing to serve Him in the world.

UBC is not just for people who already believe -- we welcome:


   the seeking,

   the lonely,

   the hurting,

   the broken.


That's because we are all seeking, lonely, hurting, broken people just like you.


By the grace of God you can find here a safe place to rest as you discover how Jesus heals and provides.



As the Christ’s people, the Mission of United Baptist Church is the mission our Lord Jesus gave to all who follow him:


  • to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all people, and to make disciples,
  • to love God with everything we are and have, and love our neighbors in everything we do.


We strive to be a small and vibrant church, a community of ordinary people centered on Jesus, and grounded in an ancient faith.


We hope that everything we do invites you into the life-giving life giving way of Jesus, because he is good news for all people.


We highly value our relationships with one another and with God, as we grow through sharing in the life of Jesus together.


We value the bible as the way God has revealed Jesus to us today. We trust in the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom and strength to live in ways that reflect the good news of Jesus.


We look to extend grace to all of the lost and broken, and lead those with no hope to the hope of Jesus Christ.


Generations for Jesus

     1844 · The Free Will Baptist Church established.


     1853 · Pleasant Street Baptist Church established.


     1890 · The building you see today was built for the Free Will Baptist Church.

                    It was named after Rev. Silas Curtis, who financed the project.


     1932 · The two churches merge to form the United Baptist Church.


     1932-1986 · UBC prospered under a series of pastors and lay leaders.


     1962 · The church added an education wing with classrooms and meeting space.


     1986 · Rev. David Doyle renewed focus on the bible and the gospel.


     2014 · UBC called our current pastor, David Denis.

We are excited to think that YOU might be part of the future of United Baptist Church!


David Denis


Pastor Dave and Renee, his wife, live in Concord. Dave is a NH native, graduate of Pembroke Academy, Word of Life Bible Institute, and Grace College. Dave and Renee have lived in IN, MI, WI, returning to NH in 2003.


After many years working in sales, training, and business, Dave accepted the call to serve UBC as pastor in 2014.


Dave and Renee have two grown daughters. Dave's  hobbies are reading, talking, lifting, walking, and eating -- not necessarily in that order.

Becca Manning

church Administrator

Becca's pleasant voice is the one you hear when you call the church phone line. She keeps the machine moving by answering phones, handling the mail, sending the emails, tracking numbers, ordering supplies, editing website content, and generally managing what needs to be managed.


Becca is married to Walter, and they have three teen sons. In her spare time (HA!), she is also a successful real estate agent.

Jeff Bunker

Music director

Jeff Bunker is our Director of Music (and Zoom Producer when we go online). He has been playing piano since he was just a wee lad. He is especially skilled at leading congregational singing with the piano.


For UBC, he plays a Clavinova by Yamaha, a professional grade electronic instrument from which Jeff can call many kinds of "voices" to suit the need of the music.  If you like singing in church, you will appreciate Jeff's ministry.

Church Council

Servant Leaders

Our UBC Church Council is a group of members called to serve the church by overseeing both the spiritual matters and the material aspects of doing church. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring a range of skills, experience, and temperament to the work.


UBC encourages women in ministry and leadership and so our council has both men and women.


The members are Donna
Dooley, Les MacNeil, Mary Mayo

Bill Hopkins, and Paul DeHart

Jesus Christ is Good News for All People