Thank you for your support!

God provides for the ministry of our church through the generous gifts of his people. 


Giving generously is part of living faith in Jesus.


   Your giving is not paying dues so you can be part of a club. 

   Your giving is not a subcription fee toaccess to religious goods and services.

   Your giving is not required to deserve God's love.


Giving generously is one way we show Jesus our love and gratitude for all he has done for us.

How can you give?

We try to make it easy by giving you several options.


     You can put your offering in the offering plate on Sunday morning.


     you can send your check in the mail to 39 Fayette St, Concord NH 03301


     You can drop your offering in the mail slot on the door of the church.


     You can give electronically through our internet giving portal.


The big advantage of giving through our giving portal is that you can set to give automatically.




Hold on just a minute -- maybe you should NOT give

We are super glad that you are visiting our website.


Maybe you have even visited United Baptist Church. We are so glad we got the chance to meet you.


But here's the thing -- if you don't think of yourself as a follower of Jesus, then we don't want your money.


This page isn't about taking your money.


UBC is a bunch of people who believe that Jesus is the most amazing person who ever lived.


And we believe that he gave his life so that we might live an unlimited life of joy and peace with God forever.


We give to show him how much we love him and appreciate him.


We sincerely hope that in time, you will find the same joy in Jesus we have found.


but if you aren't there quite yet, please keep your money.


Its OK.  Really.


But please keep coming to see us. Let us love you.  Let us serve you. 


And keep on listening to the story of Jesus with us. We can't get enough of him.


Because Jesus is truly amazing, and worth following with everything we have.

Where does your money go?


Jesus told us to love God and to love our neighbors -- the people God puts in our lives. We can love them both by sharing the good news of Jesus, and by providing practical help and friendship. All of that is ministry. While it is the people that make it go, people need money to get the things that we use to do ministry.


United Baptist Church is mostly a volunteer organization. There are a few people, however, for whom the church provides financial support, to free them to focus on ministry. Therefore, some of the money you give supports these individuals as they the community through gospel ministry, administrative work, music, and keeping our building clean.


Our building belongs to Jesus and we share it with many different churches, Christian ministries and community organizations. The oldest part was built in 1890, and the newer section is still over 50 years old. We receive assistance on maintenance and upkeep from a modest trust fund and the generosity of guest users and their donations -- but the utilities and operating expenses come out of our budget. Your generous giving keeps the heat and lights on and the water running.


United Baptist Church directly supports 4 missionaries and missionary organizations. Their full time work is bringing the love of Jesus to people in other parts of the world. 

   Camp Sentinel -- Center Tuftonboro NH

   Bill and Ann Clemmer - Central and East Africa

   Mercy Gonzalez Barnes - Mexico and Cuba

   Russian Ministries

The support they regularly receive from UBC comes from your generous giving, and allows them to continue telling people about Jesus and ministering in his name.