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Pastor David Denis

From mid June through Mid August we will be receiving a series of sermons called PRACTICAL: LIVING CHRISTIANLY IN GOD'S CREATION.


Last week's sermon was titled "Time to Rest."


PRACTICAL: Living Christianly in God's Creation

Epiphany is just a fancy word that describes that moment when we suddenly see something that was hiddent. It's also the name of the season between Christmas and Lent. So during this time we highlight moments in the Jesus story when he was revealed as the true Son of God and the savior of the world. Click below to hear sermons from Epiphany 2022.

EASTERTIDE: Resurrection and Pentecost

Jesus did not stay dead! Because he never once participated or contributed in the evil of the world, even death could not hold him. In his rising he opened the door for us to live forever in new life. His faithful disciples need not fear death when it comes, and we also can begin living new live right now by the power of the Holy Spirit he sent to live in us. 

LENT: The Way of the Cross

The church season of Lent brings us to focus on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The door to new life in Christ swings on the hinge of his sacrificial death for us. Therefore, as we follow the story of Jesus, and he approaches Jerusalem knowing what faces him, it makes sense for his disciples to consider carefully what our response should be to a love so great and so undeserved. 


Songs of Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a greek word the means "revelation." The last book of the bible is visionary revelation given by God to reminds us that he is in control no matter how crazy the world around us may seem. In this sermon series, Pastor Dave picks a few of the songs or poems from this famous book, and explores how they increase our faith in Jesus. Click below to hear these sermons.

Questions and Answers

The bible can be a daunting book. It contains many stories that are both troubling and hard to understand. In this short series, Pastor Dave takes a look at just a few of the most common questions raised by the Bible. While he may not be able to address every aspect of every question, he at least helps us see that their are answers and we can trust God's promises as he gives them to us in the bible. Click below to iisten in.

The Greater Gospel

The gospel that Jesus and the Apostles preached sounds a lot different than the gospel we hear from preachers and evangelists in a lot of evangelical churches today. Our focus these days is very much on obtaining forgiveness of sins so that we can go to heaven. While that isn't wrong, its really only part of the story. God is performing a cosmic work of redemption and renovation, and through Jesus he has invited us to join with him as he makes all things new. It's a big story, and it is worth hearing and telling as often as we can. 



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